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Cocktail Tables

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Natural Wood Furniture

Natural Wood is comprised of folks who have been in the business for many years. Our goal is to provide affordable furniture, Canadian made where possible.


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    If you donot buy at National, you are paying too much!

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    We have a huge inventory thatís ready for immediate delivery.

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    We are open the hours you like to shop!

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    We have free and big parking area.


  • 4699 Kingsway (Burnaby), BC

    V5H2B3, Phone: +1 604-437-7292

  • 102-13030 76 Ave (Surrey), BC

    V3W2V6, Phone: +1 604-599-5893

  • Cell: +1 604-437-7292

    Fax: 604-437-9820

  • harjitsaulakh@yahoo.ca

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